Partner Organizations

Other Local Timebank Websites:

This is only a small sample of the many timebanks in Pennsylvania.

Media, PA –

Phoenixville, PA –

Lewisburg, PA –


“Time Banks” –

“West Philly’s Community Hybrid of Bartering and Volunteering” –

“Has the Time Come for Time Banks?” –

“Time Banks: Collaborative Capacity Building, Web 2.0-Style” –

“How to Share Time through Timebanking” –


Charles Eisenstein, “In a gift economy the more you give, the richer you are” –!

“TEDxAshokaU – Edgar Cahn – 2/19/10” –

“Time Banking on Good Morning America” –

“Modern Twist on Bartering: Time Banks” –


“No More Throw-Away People” by Edgar Cahn, founder of Timebanks USA

“Equal Time, Equal Value: Community Currencies and Time Banking in the US” by Ed Collom, Judith N. Lasker, and Corinne Kyriacou



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